Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

The healthy social life is found
when, in the mirror of each human soul,
the whole community is living,
and when, in the community,
each human soul finds its reflection.
-Rudolf Steiner

As a different kind of private school, Green Meadow Waldorf School defines diversity as a range of racial identifications, ancestries, nationalities, native languages, socioeconomic backgrounds, family structures, ages, belief systems, gender and sexual identities, abilities, appearances, occupations, and political affiliations. Enhancing our diversity is a journey of both moral and educational importance and a learning and growth experience for our whole community. We recognize that the richness inherent in a school community is comprised not only of the curriculum, but also of the community of students who are learning about the world together. To this end, we are actively building a school community that will better represent the community in which we are located, and the country in which we live.

Honoring the multiple perspectives that exist in our increasingly diverse community calls for ongoing conversation, education, and partnership. Green Meadow facilitates this in many ways. Our rich curriculum immerses students in world cultures and the history of ancient and contemporary societies from across the globe. Green Meadow families come from many points along the socioeconomic spectrum, with some paying full tuition and some receiving financial assistance. Our school is spearheading local service learning initiatives as part of our broad commitment to social justice. Each year, many of our high school students go on exchange to other countries, and we welcome international students into our school, enriching the entire community. As lifelong relationships are built, we all learn more about ourselves and each other.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s goals for the school in the coming years include increasing enrollment by groups underrepresented within our community and hiring an increasingly diverse faculty and staff; deepening dialogue among faculty, staff, parents and students on what diversity means, and brings, to our community; highlighting the existing diversity in the school and our efforts to broaden it; strengthening our connections to the diverse communities in our area; and striving to make Waldorf Education accessible to every family who wishes to provide it for their children. We are proud to have trained nearly 100% of our faculty and staff in the Undoing Racism framework, and a 15-member Equity Pedagogy cohort formed in Fall 2019.