Philanthropy at Green Meadow

A healthy social life is found only, when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the whole community the virtue of each one is living.
~Rudolf Steiner

Why give? Why participate in community?

At Green Meadow Waldorf School (GMWS), we are committed to inspiring a strong culture of philanthropy and community engagement, which are essential elements in supporting a high-quality, independent school education and the healthy growth of our school.

The tuition families pay covers our school’s day-to-day operating costs. Philanthropic gifts made through our various fundraising initiatives provide us with the resources and flexibility to make strategic investments in programs and capital improvements, thereby ensuring the long-term health and sustainability of GMWS for future generations.  

What you can do

There are many ways we work together as a community each year to enhance the educational environment for our children and teachers and also ensure the future of the school. These activities build a strong and engaged community that helps the school and all the individuals involved in a way that demonstrates for the students and the next generation what it means to build a strong and supportive community around a deeply held shared purpose. We warmly invite you to support GMWS by actively participating in our five key philanthropic initiatives:

Fall Fair

The Fall Fair (October 13, 2018) is a beloved annual family tradition that engages our dedicated volunteer community, raises awareness of our school to the wider region, and strengthens the social fabric between our current and alumni families, as well as GMWS faculty and staff. Our Fair features children’s activities, craft vendors, delicious organic and natural foods, and live music. Fall Fair supports our newly established Scholarship Endowment Fund.


Annual Growth & Renewal Fund

Image courtesy of Deborah Grieder, Class of 2017

Image courtesy of Deborah Grieder, Class of 2017

Image courtesy of Anis Berrier, Class of 2018

Image courtesy of Anis Berrier, Class of 2018

The Annual Growth & Renewal Fund raises funds for short-term, smaller-scale yet high-impact enhancement projects for each section of GMWS through outright, charitable gifts. This year’s faculty-selected projects will invest 75% of the funds toward the Early Childhood, Lower School, and High School Arts curriculum; and 25% will be invested in the General Endowment Fund.

Image courtesy of Deborah Grieder, Class of 2017

Image courtesy of Deborah Grieder, Class of 2017


Annual Benefit & Auction 

The Annual Benefit & Auction (March 23, 2019) is a fun, creative, adults-only party and online auction that supports major capital and programmatic initiatives. Funds raised from this year’s event will benefit the Music and Performing Arts programs and the Arts Endowment Fund.


Image courtesy of Anis Berrier, Class of 2018

Image courtesy of Anis Berrier, Class of 2018

Endowment Fund

The Green Meadow Waldorf School Endowment Fund, initiated in 2017, has planted perennial seeds and established a foundation to grow upon. An endowment is a permanent fund in which the principal is held in perpetuity and only the investment income is expended annually. We initiated this endowment to build a resource separate from tuition and annual giving that will provide lasting security for our school.

Our endowment will support activities not just for one year, or even one generation, but forever. Funds will be invested prudently to ensure they can sustain current and future needs. A healthy endowment will provide strength, longevity, creativity and flexibility for Green Meadow ensuring steady income to support key programs and invest in new ideas.

We gratefully accept gifts toward our growing endowment through outright, charitable gifts and planned gifts which will provide a lasting impact and benefit. Over the long term, it will contribute yearly revenues to invest in new program and curriculum initiatives, maintain buildings and facilities, provide tuition assistance, and ensure a stronger foundation for Green Meadow. Please contact Lynne Wu, Director of Development, if you would like to learn more about our endowment or to discuss a gift.

Shop to Give

Shop to Give is a program that enables individuals to support GMWS through their purchases at local businesses with no additional cost to the shopper. Green Meadow receives a percentage of sales made by these businesses. We are grateful for current ongoing partnerships with Hungry Hollow Co-op (through filling out Community Shares cards), the GMWS online store ( Hudson Energy, Nova Natural, Primary, and other local, community-oriented businesses who want to see the school flourish.

Become a Development Champion

Image courtesy of Anis Berrier, Class of 2018

Image courtesy of Anis Berrier, Class of 2018

Development Committee members support the school in a variety of ways: by sharing fundraising messaging in class meetings as a Development Champion; sending emails to your class during the Annual Growth & Renewal Fund campaign drive; coordinating a Fall Fair activity; soliciting for sponsorships or auction items for the Annual Benefit & Auction; managing one small part of the Annual Benefit event; promoting the Shop to Give Program; and of course, by making financial gifts.

We ask you to remember that the ultimate objective of the various fundraising activities undertaken by the Green Meadow community is to ensure that our children today and many future generations of children can enjoy the singularly unique benefits of a Waldorf Education.

We are grateful to our Development Committee Chairs, our Annual Growth & Renewal Fund chair; and the Steering Committee members of our Annual Benefit & Auction. All energies are welcomed and appreciated!

Please contact Lynne Wu, Director of Community Engagement & Philanthropy, at 845.356.2514 x304 with any questions or to get involved.  

If you would like to get more involved through volunteering, sponsoring, or if you have a business you would like to connect with us for Shop to Give, please contact Lynne Wu, Director of Community Engagement & Philanthropy, at 845.356.2514 x304 or Averi Lohss, Development Coordinator at x301.  

We welcome your visit to the Development Office, located on the main floor of the High School building. Please stop by and introduce yourself! We can share more about what we are doing and how your family can be part of this important effort. 

Support the education you love